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Why Startups Must Train Their Manpower!


Everyone who builds up a startup company knows that people are its most important asset. Successful start-ups place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting right and the interview process in order to build their talent base. Unfortunately, often the investment in people stops there. This prevents many a startup to run the growth trajectory that it had envisaged for itself.

Thereafter they get busy into myriad things and are not really focused in developing and training their talent pool. This results in either yawning skills gap in a rapidly expanding entity or disjointed employee retention efforts. Such scenarios can be disruptive to business and would derail the startup.  This underlines that capability building and training is a major area where all startups must concentrate for a sustainable business growth.

There are four core reasons why startups must train their manpower :


Adding a productive employee and making employees productive are two different aspects of startups. You may select high performer during interview but does his/her past performance guarantee higher productivity in a start up like yours? The answer is a “Maybe” at best.

The idea is here to train your people for YOUR JOB, YOUR ROLE. This would help the organization make the erstwhile productive, new hire become a productive employee right away. Team building is another crucial aspect in startups that directly impacts individual productivity and business outcome.

Decision Making

Training personnel for operational, tactical and strategic decision making becomes a key lever to make them more accountable, motivated and delivery focused. We  have experienced that any amount of delay in decision making in a startup can cause a great damage. After all market is flooding with startups and timely decision making and empowerment to decide is one of the most critical success factors of business. In a team of startup, either people would be willing to decide or passing on the responsibility, basis criticality and business impact.

Product Quality

Uniform customer experience- be it for your product or service can be guaranteed when your employees are trained on the functional and perceived benefits of your offerings. Additionally, the training inputs ensure that the quality checks at each delivery point within or outside the company are sacrosanct. This helps transform the product or service from being good to great.

Creativity and innovation is another aspect when it comes to delivering product. Not many startups are able to match with the pace in challenging business environment, of maintaining high quality and creating customer delight.

Employee Retention

Start ups attract talent at a faster rate but one can’t ignore the fact that the attrition is equally high as well. Training interventions add value and help employees connect better with the organization.

Often it is experienced that professionals join startups for 1. They are invested in idea 2. Higher empowerment 3. Liberty to explore and experiment with ideas 4. Monetary benefits 5. Potential value of startups and their growth.

How long a startup would be able to hold human asset, where employees seek constant motivation and limitless opportunity?

There is no investment like training that a startup can make which will do more to improve the aforesaid parameters of Productivity, Decision Making, Product Quality and Employee Retention. Therefore, being too busy to train is the moral equivalent of being too hungry to eat.

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